get some work done.

coworking is for you

During the little hygge events, you have access to the hygge coworking location to get some work done in a quieter space with the peace of mind that your kids are nearby and being taken care of by experts. Bring your laptop or notebooks and get to work on that passion project you’ve been putting off for too long. This access is included in the cost of the event.

grab a coffee.

get caffeinated

Buy yourself a latte or some avocado toast and get comfy in the Not Just Coffee shop. They’ve got public wifi, cozy seating and plenty of tables for you to have a coffee date with that friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with forever. You’ll have to pay for your refreshments yourself, but otherwise there’s no charge to just hang out.


At hygge, we have always believed that taking care of the whole person leads to a happier, healthier, and more successful community. We know that when you become a parent a lot of your needs take a back seat to your child. We’d like to give you shotgun for a little bit. You deserve it.

Yes. There are a limited number of slots available and you must RSVP for each child that will attend. We will not accept walk-ups.

Please visit our events page to sign up

Each child is a flat rate of $10.  Please visit our events page to sign up!

There is no cost for parents to engage with little hygge or hygge coworking.

Yes. Parentless children will be given an espresso and a puppy.

But for real, parents must stay onsite but are welcome to sit in the coffee shop or the hygge coworking space during the event.

Our recommended age range is 2 – 8 years but older siblings are welcome to attend!

Yes. You can use the coffee shop or the coworking space. We will have volunteers onsite wearing yellow hygge shirts if you have questions on the day of the event.

We will call you to come get your child with the number you provided on the RSVP and we confirmed at check in.

Each child will be wearing a special name tag with their name and emergency contact info.

Interested in volunteering? Do you offer a service for kids and/or parents? Fill out the contact for here and tell us a little more. We’ll be in touch asap.